Color Trends

color trends

Any interior designer will confirm that color has the power to transform a room, whether it’s a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. But pinpointing the perfect color for your space can be quite tricky sometimes, so we’ve decided to consult with top designers and color experts for a bit of direction. What colors will continue to dominate homes in 2020? From rich, moody hues to elegant neutrals, here are the top colors you’ll be tempted to incorporate into your space in the year ahead.


Jewel tones come back in style over and over again as a go-to for adding some punch and pizzazz to any interior. Whether featured in saturated jewel-box rooms or as pops of color in a more neutral space, they always do the trick in creating environments with drama and flair. Here, ” the deep magenta paired with ocher yellow (and teal) give some much-needed oomph to this monochromatic gray space.” —Danielle Colding of Danielle



“In today’s environment, I’m looking to find colors that are calming. A nice blue-gray evokes wellness.” —John Cialone of Tom Stringer Design Partners

Color Trends

Color Trends

are typically intended to break up the pattern created by the other , especially when the walls are painted a single flat tone. However, a room may be wallpapered and have an accent  that is untextured and undecorated, serving the same purpose. The point of this can be for aesthetics alone or to highlight or frame some decorative element, such as a painting. Whatever, you need an  to focus your personality.

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